Shandong plastic runway construction procedure
Because of the climate,Plastic runway construction slightly different from region to region,So what is the construction steps of shandong plastic runway?1Before the test pavement construction:First the polyurethane plastic runway respectively according to the production of two component materials used for the batch order,Then separately gel sampling based on environmental conditions in the field experiment and drawing into glue。2Surface treatment:Cleaning up、Leveling。Plastic to fill in the local area of sag and uneven places,To ensure that the surface roughness,To ensure the smooth drainage。3Semi-finished products4Glue shop process including:Die hammer is real、Ingredients、Stir、Feeding、Feeding、Paving、Trimming process, etc。5The mould of the nail
What kind of plastic pitch points type?
Plastic stadium mainly refers to the plastic basketball court、Plastic tennis court、Plastic badminton courts and volleyball courts plastics,Plastic stadium is a general designation,Collectively known as plastic,It runs several types,Below I will answer one by one。1、SiliconPUThe siliconPUIntroduced a new material is the last ten years,Also represents the mainstream of the plastic pitch materials now,It strong weatherability,The price is moderate。2、PUThe stadiumPUIs polyurethanePU,It makes like leather,Very bright beautiful,The disadvantage is that easy to beat in the construction process,Played ball easy to leave shoes print。3、Acrylic acrylic acrylic field is divided into elastic acrylic with hard courts,
What is the real plastic runway?
You may wonder for this title,Manufacturer of plastic runway and true and false?I tell you the head,Manufacturer of plastic runway manufacturer is not true and false questions,Is a conceptual problem!For example,A party a has a plastic runway project,He will contact manufacturer to bid,Will surely find some sports facilities company,Some sports engineering company,But there is a little ignored,These companies don't have the production capacity,Just came by to the semi-finished raw materials into the,And then processed into finished products,This is the real plastic runway manufacturer?With real manufacturers of plastic runway raw materials、Glue、Rubber particles,And you have plastic runway engineering support